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    DO I WANNA KNOW? - Arctic Monkeys covered by CHVRCHES:

    ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
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Toro Y Moi


    Toro Y Moi

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    Bones & X. Wulf - Trash

    they go so hard in this

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  5. "Stuck in My Teeth" - Circa Waves

  6. she says that, “i for one will not be held
    responsible for someone else.”
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    Tycho - “Awake”

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    high by young rising sons

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    Been hearing about you, all about your disapproval.
    Still I remember the way I used to move you.
    I wrote you a letter; I heard it just upset you.
    Why don’t you tell me? How can I do this better?
    Are you out there? Do you hear me?
    Can I call you? Do you still hate me?
    Are we talking? Are we fighting?
    Is it over? Are we writing?
    We’re getting older, but we’re acting younger.
    We should be smarter.
    It seems we’re getting dumber.
    I have a picture of you and me in Brooklyn.
    On a porch, it was raining.
    Hey, I remember that day.
    And I miss you.

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  10. Listen to the playlist here.

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    sad songs

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  13. "Disco" - Rude

  14. "Break My Fall" (Rainer & Grimm Remix) - Golden Coast

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